I'm from South East London, Kent, Bromley to be exact.

21 years old, been playing over 4 years now.

Play all things from light rock to metal. No indie or crap like that!

Haven't really learnt many songs all the way through, as I've never been in a band before. But could do so quite easily.

Can play lead or rhythm, depending on difficulty of song.

Have a car too!

I'm not really looking for anything serious. Even just someone to jam with would be cool. Just want to branch out a bit from sitting in my room, playing by myself.

Let's be hearing you then!
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Well Im a bassist in crystal palace but Im only 16 so theres not really much point
hey, i was lookin for a band as wel, i'm in rainham kent for the summer, i live in UAE and here for summer visitin fam and stuff so haven't got much equip, only the acoustic [couldn't bring over the gear] i've been playing for...4 years-ish as well i think. I'm 15 but like hopefully that won't put you off, unfortunatly it's been a factor though. Just so you know, i was in a band before in UAE with guys from uni, met up with them cause guys/girls at school were kinda...not what i hoped for, skillwise...
I play anything from metal to acoustic stuff...I also sing pretty well to be honest.
sorry if I come of to you as 'bigheaded' but it kinda puts people off being 15...
hey man im a bassist, live in lee, im 16. PM me
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