New song I just wrote. It's called "Raging Inferno" and is based around a few riffs I came up with at school. Please, feel free to criticise.
Raging Inferno.zip
Thanks. I think the middle sections some of my best work. The main melody and harmony is very reminiscent of Firewind...but that just might be me.
There's nothing wrong with the bass!!

Heh, just kiddin'. The drums are a little loud though, I agree. But the bass is freakin' awesome.
Did you make it out of key intentionally?
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Well I liked it and I didn't. Let me try to explain:

The rhythm guitar honestly got kinda annoying after a while. The dynamic changes and all. (That's just me though) I think the harmonies were pretty cool, but maybe a bit fast. Cuz I could hardly hear the harmony through all of it.

I like the concept behind it definitely. I just think a little tweaking could be done to make this an ultra bad-mutha song.

I'd say 7/10 as is.

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The bass in bars 7 and 8 is horrible, seriously.. The rest of the song is awesome.
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The main riff gets really boring after while.... and the harmony does not harmonize it at all.... But technically it looks very complex, and I think would get the crowd going at a metal concert. Overall I like it, especially the drums, which I thought were done well. But yeah, maybe try to make it a little more harmonized. C4C?