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Lol, Brilliant 10/10 dude
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Pure genius!
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Good work! Funniest thread in a while!
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Pooping is well good though, to be fair.

I've got a handle on the fiction.

I'm losing my grip, 'cos I'm losing my fingers.

Keep em comin'!
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It is better to be proven wrong, than to forever be wrong, and never know it.

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Bill Hicks rules.

I hate my user name >_<
dude that rules.... GIMME MORE!!!!! NOW BITCH!!!!
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I frequently put capes on all my teeth and they go out fighting crime together.
Oh dear god, I dont feel alive.
I have a new blog, of the interesting type.

In so far i have seen,

1. The Darkness
2. Wolfmother
3. The Grates
4. Faker
5. Kings of Leon
6. Coheed and Cambria
7. Architecture in Helsinki

and counting.

I'd throw roses at you if I could. That was brilliant and inspiring.
Catch me,
heal me,
Lift me back up to the Sun
I choose to live
we want some more:P
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*Kicks down door*
Wow, nice job.

Pants title, though.
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"The end is extremely fucking nigh..."
absolutely hilarious, and true. i lol'ed many times after reading that
[url="]...And Now The Descent
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"I like maceroni and cheese" "Yeah well it's not as good as Tool. Did I ever tell you guys about Tool? Lateralus is the best thing ever."
woah, its always good to get some positive feedback, i didnt expect this kind of response though. its definitely going to be continued now

cheers guys
Wow, that was.... actually.... good


I know: I'm scared too, kids

I read it again, and I think it definitely warrants a:

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I dun get it. Needz more teh mudkipz for to deliver epic lulz for 4chan

Ugh... I feel dirty typing that

So you should.
I DEMAND MORE OF THIS it was possibly the greatest thing I have seen in the pit and it is now my computers background haha
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Kids keep having sex younger and younger these days. Eventually kids will be born without their virginity and their first words will be "bow chicka bow wow."

considering that all the posts say its good i guess more people would be interested seeing this, and thats not gonna happen on the 8th page
meh.. im not impressed
<Raven> I got so baked last night
<Raven> that I WOKE UP high o_o
<Raven> Do you have any idea how euphoric that is?
<Raven> I felt like I was being born.
That was hilarious... the little p00fter's GF wants anal
^This post was probably sarcastic


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That made me laugh pretty hard. The chick with the mudkipz made me laugh hardest though...

Kudo's to you man!
You've got me and the rest of the pit waiting for more of this.
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It's just The Man trying to bring down us negroes.

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Just go out in a silk dressing gown and ask them if they've ever been penetrated
damnit. I'm almost pre-2006, Jan. 08 2006 is my join date. I epic fail with icy hot, buttsex, mudkips, and barrell rolls.
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