I saw somewhere recently that Gibson is making automatic tuning pegs that tune the guitar for you.

I thought, well, why not have a computer do the same with a Floyd? Of course, it would be slightly more complicated because of the tension problems, but in theory it could work.

Have a sensor that measures the amount of pull generated by each side; i.e. when the sensor reads 0 the tension is correct. Have that work alongside the automated tuning to give you whatever tuning you feel like having.

In my mind, all that would need to be done by the player is lock and unlock the nut, and then maybe fine-tune a little bit.


(If this is in the wrong forum, sorry. I figured it would fall under the classification of a customization of existing gear.)
To be honest, I don't see the point; Tuning a floyd rose between songs is pretty easy if you ask me - you don't have to worry about the tension too much, not as much as if you were setting it up for the first time.
The main selling point of the gibson is the complete autonomy of the system - it could be done during a song if necessary. For a floyd rose, on the other hand, you have to release the nut first and do some extra fine tuning (which would require the system to constantly update the string tension) afterwards.
Perhaps the idea is better suited to an easier to use trem, like the Kahler. I think if people can't cope with a floyd they should probably change to a Kahler anyway. Personally, I find Floyds easy to set up (obviously not as easy as a stopbar etc), and have never had a string break on me yet - that could be down to playing style, but I do some pretty extreme bends with it. A Tremol-no offers me all the insurance I need.
I think if someone could afford/bother to fit a whole new system to their guitars would either:
A- be a touring professional with a horde of roadies catering to their every whim, or
B- be a bedroom musician, for whom a breakage doesn't really matter.

Still, if you can do it it'd be brilliant to see. With high torque servos you may remove the need for a locking nut, making the whole system simpler and easier to use.
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I (obviously) don't have the programming knowledge to create the computer that would do what I want, much less the funds to do it and the guitars to try it on.

My point is that you could change tunings or string gauges with relative ease. When you change, especially if it's a big change, you might as well be setting up the guitar for the first time, and it's a pain. I personally would love for an automated system, because it allows me more playing time, and less time messing with my Floyd.