I've watched a double DVD EW&F (clips and some live performances) and I think they are awesome, at least with singles. I'm turning the things like Fantasy and Let's Groove in my mind . I also tried the chart topper That's the Way of the World but I'm still undecided about buying the albums. How do your regard this band- as a great single or an album act? If the latter is the case, which are your favourites?
I love Earth, Wind and Fire personally. And considering I like so many songs I decided to get the Essential Earth, Wind & Fire album from JB. My fave two songs would have to be September and Shining Star, they're just great to relax to!
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nachocheeez, that was awesome.
Earth Wind and Fire are the tits - They hit the 1 like there was no tomorrow. Gotta love it.
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Earth Wind and Fire were dance funk.

...Which is the same thing as disco. EWF are the definitive disco band.
Earth Wind and Fire are great in moderation. Some songs are insanely groovy, while others are just too ridiculously cheesy, like Fantasy.
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Nah - Disco came from dance funk.

No, no. Disco came from funk. There's nothing wrong with admiting you like disco. Disco kicks ass
Bumping an old thread but would only get a 'ues da serchbar' response anyway.

Epic band, I love these guys. The bass is amazing and really inspires me to play bass.
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