Hey guys,
Wonder if someone can educate me about some effects?I play a Carvin AE185 through a Carvin SX100 amp.It has two channels,and four built in effects:Chorus,Echo,Flanger,and Reverb.I also have a Digitech RPX 400 multi-effects unit,which I'm not happy with.Mainly because of the amp modeling.I like the sound of my amp.What I want to do is buy some single effects:Volume pedal,Wah,and a good delay box.How should I put this all together,and will I still be able to use the effects in my amp?Also,will I need anything else?Thanks,and pardon my ignorance.
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well, if you have a footswitch for the carvin, then you'd be able to turn the effects on and off.

yep those three pedals sound basic, maybe add some od/dist?
What glider said +1

Does your amp have a footswitch to turn those effects on / off?
Buy the effects you mentioned and experiment with what order you would put them in.

Some like dist before wah, some like wah before distortion in the signal chain. Experiment.
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