I dont know about everyone out there but my school has something called a senior project that we have to do. Its just a really huge project that you do along with a 7 page paper and stuff. So yeah im building an electric guitar. I think its gonna be pretty fun to do but at the same time suck balls. Building the neck i think is gonna suck the worst. Anyone taken on this challenge??? If so do share information or anything to help me out. Thanks


* 1 shoebox or other small cardboard box
* 4-5 rubber bands with different lengths and widths
* 8-10 metal paper fasteners
* Tape
* Pen


1. On the lid of the box near the center trace a large circle. Carefully cut the cardboard to remove the circle from the lid. Keep the circle for the next step.
2. Make a bridge for the guitar by folding the outer two thirds of the circle inwards so the edges touch. Tape the top edges together and tape the bridge onto the lid of the shoebox guitar. The bridge should be aligned so that it is near one end of the lid and the long part of the bridge is parallel to the short sides of the lid.
3. Use the pen to make 4 or 5 evenly spaced holes along the each of the short sides of the shoebox lid. Push a paper fastener through each hole and secure them with the heads on the outside of the box lid.
4. Stretch 4 to 5 rubber bands lengthwise across the lid, securing them by tying the ends to the paper fasteners.
5. Stretch the rubber bands over the bridge. If necessary to help the rubber bands stay in place cut small notches in the top of the bridge for the rubber bands to nest in.
6. Place the lid on the shoebox and try out the new guitar.
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I'm building one right now for school as well, pretty much the same thing.

The main thing is to do the neck first cos you base all the body measurements around that. And get a fretboard ruler, or a luthier to do the frets for you, cos I've spent four hours just measuring the fret distances today and it sucks.

The only other thing is with the neck, you have to go in the right order; route the truss rod canal, glue the fingerboard on, cut out the shape of the neck (cos you probly would start with a rectangle block of wood), then radius your fingerboard (make it convex-like on the top), then do your frets, and THEN you make the back of the neck curved. If you do the last bit first then everything is really hard, but pretty much everything else is easy, just get your supplies and bluesprints from stewmac.com or whatever shop is in yous town and your set.

btw, sorry to ramble on
you realize there's an entire forum on this right?
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I'm doing the exact same thing (I'm prolly just gonna buy a kit though)
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