i found an epiphone sg special the really cheap epiphone for like 70 bucks so i figured i would buy it what the hell right?i am thinking of adding the second tone and volume knobs which this guitar doesnt have and also buying the warmoth neck to put on it,,basically i wanted this guitar for the body to play with.
so if you had this guitar and wanted to mod it what would you do?pick combinations hardware etc.i am open to doing just about anything to this guitar so feel free to leave suggestions
well personally i think it would be cool if you told us what type of guitar you're after.

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maybe its because im in a bit of a camp mood atm, listening to prince and thinking of buying a purple telecaster... but i think you should pick like, a gay colour like pink but make it sparkly =] that would be hilariously cool
ah sorry well i dont want to install a bigby or floyd at all as for anything else i am up in the air about i have an ibanez also which can handle my metal music,,,i would like to make this a guitar that has good versatile range from classic rock to metal to blues to jazz etc....
right now just looking for suggestions that i could do to it like i said previously i am only sure about doing the volume and tone knobs...as for pickups how would evolutions sound in this or should i try something more like the vintage gibsons?also i am not sure what the wood these cheap ones are made of so i am not sure if i should sand it down and stain it might be like some of that pressed wood crap that ibanez does on thier cheaper guitars

Adz that is funny,,horrible but funny lol
make sure the body is solid wood first. if not, keep in mind that it is in fact ****ty in every sense of the word. that is not just an opinion. its a set in stone fact. haha... nahh dont worry, id think twice about modding it if it was, but if you do continue on and do it, you should look at it like you will transfer the parts you buy to another guitar eventually. imho, a composite board guitar is worthless... except for practice with this kind of thing.

anyway, yea, id add in the second tone and volume controls. treble bleed caps on the volumes. use 500k ohm CTS pots. switchcraft output jack. 24 gauge stranded high quality wire. use whatever pickups you want, ask around for recommendations. id say a humbucker sized single coil from billlawrence.com and a humbucker in the neck also from bill lawrence. a killswitch (momentary open kind) would also be cool. shield the insides and remove ground loops.

for hardware, new tuners, graphtech saddles (maybe not) and graphtech nut. definately do the neck if you dont like the current one (cant imagine you would, i hate painted necks even though i have one).
blind thanks yes i bought this guitar so i wouldnt have to learn how to do these things on my other guitar for 70 bucks i think it was a good investment to learn how to do these things for my next guitar,,which will either be a guitar built from warmoth parts or a carvin kit guitar

the painted neck on my carvin sc90 wasnt so bad really but then again that is a giant step in quality also...chuck shuldiner used bill lawrence so i will definatly look into that and my carvin had 500k pots so i will most likely do that also,,i am thinking sperzel tuners also
im no tone expert by any means. but those bill lawrence pickups are sooooooo sweet i just havent heard anything that compares, especially when theyre half the price of another high quality pickup, plus you know exactly where it was made, by who... just quality assurance ya know.

painted necks are a funny thing. if i just get out of the shower or something i cannot play my lp copy for nothing because theres no oil on my hands, but my teles are a different story because theres no finish on the neck. im just partial to raw-ness anyway, though.

i cant say much for tuners either. ive only had real experience ith the grovers on my lp, but they work great. plus, theyre what most custom guitars use (i read that somewhere anyway). theres a vintage-ness to them also.

humbuckers typically use 500k pots whereas single coils use 250k.

you can find a lot of good info at guitarelectronics.com (down in the faq, plus you can buy from there also), guitarnuts.com, blueguitar.org, hmm theres a few more i cant think of.
sweet thanks man will definately look into all that my carvin had grovers so may actually go with those