I wana learn how to play and how to sing with scales, if u get what im tryin to say. i dont want scales to sound like scales, i want them to singggg and sound friggin good. i know a few of the maj scales and how to blend em together just i am having trouble doing anything with it. advice?
Its all about phrasing, you need good bends, good vibrato, trills, raking and bending technique. You need to know how to use the blues/pentatonic scale (min) and other scales and mix them well. Its all about feeling, theres something about the blues that when u fell them - you play them well. I duno how to explain it.
I dunno. I was kinda in the same position, but what I do for blues inspiration, is just learn bluesy songs.

You pick up the licks and patterns pretty quick, and can improvise a decent solo.
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but how do u find that "feel"?

Do you stomp your foot when listening/playing the blues? Do you get that feeling of satisfaction when you hear a killer blues solo?

Thats the feeling.

For me, i discovered the blues after listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan, he blew me away and everytime i hear him play - he still blows me away.
stomp foot? sumtimes if the riff im playin is good ya know. SRV is amazing, and so hard to play. what shud i start off with if i want to begin w the blues?
Start of simple, learn basics like 12 bar blues, bluesy chords (lots of 6ths and 7ths), turnarounds etc etc.

this might help a bit,

Try simple songs like hey joe and bring it on home. I also recommend (even if u cant play them) looking at licks from SRV and hendrix, bb king and other great blues guitarists. You just need to listen to the ways blues are played, as i said - its about phrasing.

heres another site i found, some pretty decent blues licvks for you to learn:

Guitar scales method is what i like to jam with. Gives me chord reference, key, and all the scales in that key shown on the fretboard. My licks have shaped up nicely since i got that program. Has pretty good backing tracks to, you can set the tempo, change the volume level for each backup instrument.
I think the quote my jazz history teacher told us today sums it up.

"The blues? Why, the blues are a part of me. They're like a chant. The blues are like spirituals, almost sacred. When we sing blues, we're singing out our hearts, we're singing out our feelings. Maybe we're hurt and just can't answer back, then we sing or maybe even hum the blues. When I sing, 'I walk the floor, wring my hands and cry -- Yes, I walk the floor, wring my hands and cry,'... what I'm doing is letting my soul out." -- Alberta Hunter

or in shorter form as Stevie Ray Vaughan put it.
""I use heavy strings, tune low, play hard and floor it. Floor it. That's the technical talk."
thanx guys so much, especially clement brother. im gonna have lots of material now i appreciate the help. :P
I just think that if you have to ask how to play the blues, you're not ready to play the blues.

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