hi experts
i ve some question related theory
to tell the fact been playing electric guitar for 6 years and now i can cover lots of song but now i feel i need understand what iam i doing and the logic behind any song which surely a must
my basic question about songwriting which i can not figure is about how to start writing song ?
ok for example we have c major scale which is C D E F G A B right?
so if iam going to write song based on this scale how should i start ?
must start from root note which is C?
and more importatnt how should i continue? which notes should i use after each other ? is this matter of feeling or there is rules?
ex. can i use A then G then B and so on?
which note can come after each other?
and how about notes values ? is it imortant? where to use half note , where quarter nad the others?
i will be really appreciated if you guide me
if there is any web page or books that can guide me plz let me now
thanks everybody
Well, you're right about the C major scale being C D E F G A B C. As for the notes there are various ways you can arrange them, you don't have to just play consecutive notes (like going A to B to C) you can mix it up. There are some note combinations that sound good together and then there are some that just feel like you jumped up or down too much and doesn't make much sense.

But, to fully get what note to play next, it might help to have the backing chords that way you know what to resolve to/lead to. So, if we're in the Cmaj scale we have our basic chords as C Dm Em F G Am Bdim. Now, you have to try different combinations of those chords so you know which ones lead better and sound better for the particular song you're going for and have in your head.

Here is a good lesson for you by SD: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/lessons/chords/what_chords_are_in_what_key_and_why.html

The timing of the notes is really up to you and you alone. We can't make your song for you, but we can help you understand why/how it sounds good. Is that sufficient? I can go into much further detail if you'd like.
wow thanks man for fast reply
i ve got some idea
can you plaese explain a little more about notes arrangment?which note seems good to be after each other an d which are not how should i know ? i think they call it resonance and desonance is that right?
and you mentioned some thing about chords can you tell about it more and some basic rules?
thanks mate
Dissonance is where 2 notes clash and cause noise or dissonance. This can be a good thing sometimes. Id say experiement, perhaps learn the C major pentatonic scale first as all of the ntoes go reasnobly well together in there no matter which ones you hit then add the rest of the notes in till you get a full C major scale.
Just in case you don't know what im talking about the major pentatonic has 5 notes, as opposed to the 7 of the full major scale. Just google it for fingerboard patterns.
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Go to your staff paper and re-write this song a half step down so on the paper it'll be like you have a "C" just move it down to a "B#"

Know your theory, then play like you don't.