I posted earlier about open strings ringing and I've noticed that it only happens with the 3rd string (G).

The last time I changed my strings, the g string started to feel really tense and hard and I hated playing on it. The others remained normal. I changed the g string again because I thought maybe I got a higher gauge by mistake, but it's still the same.

Could it be that the action is too high on that particular string, because I tell you guys, it is tough to play on that string. I would just go and get a string and find out but the store is closed and I can't wait till 2moro to find out because I'm anxious to know.

If that's not the problem then I don't know what to do. It's very hard.
No, it's not wound then. Would you say the high action is a possibility?
At the end of the day i would say its all technique, working on your picking accuracy to stop hitting the open string basically, thats your problem......with practise you'll get it right
The string is so ****ing hard to play on though. It feels so tensed up. I ****ing hate playing on it. I can't even bend the string without hurting my ****ing fingers. I can play every other string properly.

Ah well. Thanks for help guys. I'll just wait it out until 2moro.

Could be your bridge and the string is hanging up on the saddle. If it's a Tune-o-Matic like what's on Les Pauls maybe take it to get looked at. You may have a burr that keeps it from moving freely when you bend.
A "burr" is a small piece of metal that peels away but doesn't break off...like snagging your fingernail. I had that problem on an Epi LP I had. The saddles were junk and I got a burr in one from bending so much....I used to break the G string all the time. I replaced all the saddles with Teflon ones and never had a problem with it till the day I got rid of it.