This song is very important to me, as it reflects how hard it is to get people to realise that the world isn't going to be around for much longer if we are treating it like we are. Rubbish everywhere, fossil fuels ...


Song can be heard on my myspace if u want to listen to it. Recording is a bit crap though!

It’s snowing in summer
The air is cooler
The grass is still green
But the streets aren’t very clean
Cigarettes butts on the floor
The earth can’t take no more
Empty beer cans scattered around
Making that tinny sound.

Everywhere you look
There something worth fighting for
The world is getting warmer
But it’s snowing in summer

My heart hears the sound
Of things hitting the ground
The world is getting warmer
But it’s snowing in summer….

My soul starts to feel
Like this earth is unreal
My life is like a dream
Or this is how it seems
And everything I say
Does it matter anyway
Because the world is getting warmer
But it’s snowing in summer


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Also, it's not as good as you think, and certainly not worth spending money on copyrighting it.

man i love it... i was just wondering.. how could i add the "Global warming problem" to my lyrics .. oyu know .. like "what 've done"... it's quite obiovus what you wanted to say woth the lyrics
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Thanks m8

I said its important to me. Not anyone else.

Ahh it don't matter people at my gigs seem to like it!
ill first like to say, that your message is great, ok, so when i was first crit it, it seemed weird and forced, i didnt really like it, i just couldnt think of how it would sound good, but with lyrics its hard to get a good feel for the song, so i listen to your demo thing, and its really really good, def worth copywritting, i really enjoyed it a lot, this isnt much of a crit sorry, but the song was awesome, and for the peopel who are gonna crit, listen to the demo, cuz it totaly changed my perception of the song, CRIT MY SONG A DIFFERENT MIND SET?