I'm trying to have distortion with wah-wah, but it wont work. I conntected the pedals in all possible ways and all I get is a really weak wah if its connected after the distortion and I dont get any distorion when I connect the wah first (I do get distortion but not when the pedal is open). I hate using the amp distortion cause it degrades the sound quality too much. Anyone know how to fix this?
I got a Metal Muff Dist Pedal and a Crybaby original Wah-Wah
it's because the Original Crybaby is weak... I think... I don't think it's some kind of issue...
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check ur power supply is conected properly (if ur using one) to ur wah

mine goes clean if it isnt and i turn it on

have no idea why it just does
Put the wah first before the distortion or anything, wahs need the unaffected signal to work properly...
A--You have tone sucking problem in one of your effects

B--You have a bad Bypass problem

C--You have to many pedals connected, without a use of evenly dispersing the power usage