I have a buget of about 500$ (give or take 50$) and i play hard rock / metal and i need a amp any suggestions?
ive never seen a used JCM for 500$....

Personally id suggest a B-52 (which i do quite a lot, lol)
They are 500$ at my guitar center, im pretty sure I could talk them down... But its got some really nice gain on it, but if you push it hard enough you might get close to metal, but ull prob need an OD pedal or something to get those good metal tones, but it does hard rock level distortion very well.

my 2 cents
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+1 on 5150, or look for a mesa markIII combo, although they've recently been increasing in price used.
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id like to see u find one for $500...
Check out the windsors!
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