goodenough for a beginer i guess
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hmmm.you may want to get something a little better.i had a first act acoustic and that was kind of limiting.after a point you can't get any better on it.same with these i guess.
It won't be very good. Don't buy online, get to a guitar shop and try them. Its the only way to buy a guitar. Never buy one you havn't tried first.
No matter how crappy they are; I can't make one for that kind of money. Chinese economic principles seem to defy all logic. They make stuff, ship it to the other side of the world and then sell it BELOW the price I would pay for the raw materials only. And to add insult to injury, these Johnsons are not even really bad guitars.
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^-- If you could buy 50,000 of each piece at once, you could probably afford it, too! But I know what you mean.
jimtaka is right same with schools if they but one thing of milk they might get charged 25 cents? but if they order enough for the week then each one would cost maybe 10 cents, If you buy a 20 ounce water for 1.00 or a pack of 24 for 5.99 more you buy better deal you get.

A local dealer has Johnsons. I have not been very impressed. However, there has been some talk at the Harmony AGF about the Carolina II series guitars. These are supposed to be very good for the price... at around the $450-600 level...
I bought that guitar on ebay its not as bad as an estaban but it doesnt stay in tune and even after i lowered the action it is still very hard to play. Stay away!!