ESP Guitars has announced the addition of nine exciting new LTD models to their line. The new models for Fall 2007 will be available at authorized ESP/LTD dealers later this year.

Perhaps the most unique new model of the group, the KH-JR joins the company’s other Kirk Hammett Signature Series models. It is ESP’s first foray into a smaller size instrument that’s perfect for younger players as well as other guitarists who’d like a travel/practice instrument. Resembling a smaller version of the popular ESP KH-2, the KH-JR (Junior) implements a 20.5” 3/4 scale design, with a basswood body and a maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard. A black finish, skull & bones inlays, and the same ESP-EMG LH-300 pickups used on the LTD KH-202 make this guitar perfect for any Metallica fan, young or not-so-young. A gig bag is included with the KH-JR.

LTD’s EC Series single-cutaway guitars expended with four new models. The affordable and popular EC-50 is now available in two new finishes (Black Satin and 2-Tone Burst). Similarly, the EC-100QM offers its high playability and sumptuous quilted maple top in a brand new Faded Cherry Sunburst finish.

Two more EC Series models were added to the LTD Deluxe group. The EC-1000 is now available in two stunning new finishes: See-Thru Blue and See-Thru Green. These high-performance models implement a set-neck design at a comfortable 24.75” scale. Both offer a mahogany body with a flamed maple top, and use a three-piece mahogany neck with a 24-fret rosewood fingerboard. The guitars’ neck, body, and headstock are treated with white binding and abalone purfling. The Earvana compensated nut allows for precise intonation, and the Schaller locking tuners and Tonepros bridge/tailpiece ensure the instruments stay in tune even during the most hardcore playing. EMG 81 (Bridge) and EMG 60 (Neck) active pickups help give these guitars the powerful tone that ESP has made famous.

ESP’s M and MH Series guitars also received a facelift with four new models: the M-53, the M-103FM, the MH-53 and MH-103QM. These affordable guitars offer a high-quality alternative to the standard inexpensive choices in rock guitars, with designs that are based on some of ESP’s most respected models. All four of the new models add a great-feeling (and great-looking) maple fingerboard to the M and MH Series, which previously was comprised only of rosewood fingerboard models. The M-53 is offered in a black finish, while the M-103FM (See-Thru Black finish) adds a licensed Floyd Rose tremolo system. The MH-53’s maple fingerboard provides a cool contrast to its black finish, while the MH-100QM highlights its quilted maple top in a See-Thru Blue color scheme.

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ESP is the best, to be honest. These are cool news, always good with new models as long as they are not too much like the previously designed ones.
what kind of strings would you need for the KH-Junior if its scale is 4" shorter? thicker? I wonder what that would sound like.
Like ESP/LTD doesn't have enough models. They're going to end like Kramer at this rate: A company bloated with too many guitars that are redundant. Of course I think thats the market in general now. and its not I don't think that they aren't cool new models, but enough is enough ffs.
maple fretboard or flamed maple veneer top, the 100 series are still made from agathis. A no for me.
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To be honest theres nothing that really excits me that much in the new range
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I don't like ESP at all but that thing is very nice. I love the green
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