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looking for an experienced keyboardist in the central PA area for a prog-ish metal band age 18 - 27
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Looking for drummer and maybe bassist in way eastern PA, Buck's County area.

Looking for vocalist/songwriter Philadelphia area. Prog-alternative-metal-hard rock band. We are between 20-22, dont care much about your age.
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Bassist for experimental/grunge type rock anywhere from 13-18 works for age if you can learn some Mr. Bungle songs the band is Tot Baby Lastwagen we have a myspace and a UG profile myspace is TBL Myspace theres a really retarded song on there that was made at probably midnight when we were bored it only includes vocals and guitar you might as well not listen to it so if you're interested email me at or the band at if you are in the Philadelphia area text me 215-622-5813 please only about band stuff and so i know what it is make the subject TBL thank you
Guitarist/vocalist iso bassist for jamming, possibly gigs recording considering forming a three peice, vocal ablity a plus Heavy, original absolutly not a cover band, no nu metal mainstream radio rock, hip hop, or country!!! influences pantera, mercyful fate, king diamond, old school metallica, priest, megadeth, maiden, sabbath, nevermore, opeth, lamb of god, and many others....interested parties contact me @ missmartin marci, serious inquires only

chambersburg south central pa
near maryland
Rythym Guitarist looking for band, Im located in York, PA.
Looking for a band interested in classic rock, rock, hard rock or metal.
PM me if interested.
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Fastlane is looking for a drummer, bassist, and second guitarist. Tunes can be heard at:

If interested or know someone who might be, please let us know!
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I might be interested in joining a band. I've been playing for about three years on the guitar, and know a little piano. Would like to learn drums, and will as soon as I have the funds to buy a set. I'm not to good at lead, but pretty decent at rhythm. I live in Lancaster County.
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Lookin to start or join a band around Pittsburgh PA. I'm a bassist and can do a little metal screaming, but mostly just bass. pm me or past back if ur interested. I play a lot of death metal and punk stuff. also screamo and stuff like System of a Down, however you classify that kind of music.
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PM Dinky Daisy to join

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i need some band mates and want to hear from people near greensburg/latrobe area westmoreland county pm me pllease we are a reagae metal classic rock van halen **** like band. cannot be afraid to smoke weed and drink, 14 yrs-16
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guitarist looking for melodic death metal or Thrash Metal band In or around Philadelphia I've been playing for around four years and I'm pretty experienced at playing I'm really into band like Gates of Ishtar, Death, Municipal Waste, Bathory and many more. I'm 17 years old and would rather be in a band with people around my my age but ill pretty much play with anyone message me in interested
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i need some band mates and want to hear from people near greensburg/latrobe area westmoreland county pm me pllease we are a reagae metal classic rock van halen **** like band. cannot be afraid to smoke weed and drink, 14 yrs-16

I think someones really into marijuana. Keep it to yourself to avoid conflict, trust me.

Anyone in lancaster county?
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Let's hit the streets with toy explosives
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I live in York, PA.
I am a bassist and a keyboardist.
I would probably be better songwriter for bass...
I am only 13 years old.
But I am experienced.
Right now I am very busy.
But in a month I could start...
I might be able to start earlier on weekends...
But I am like hella busy.
So yeah just PM if your interested in chattin about a band.

Oh, GARY (hope ya see this), maybe we can start somethin sometime.
Same town is helpful alot.


Nice thread starter...I thought no one lived in PA
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Guitarist/songwriter, about 6-7 years experience, play anything from classic rock to metal, looking for a band, covers or originals, Bucks County Area, about 40 mins North of Phila

im a guitarist, 5 years experience, bucks county. im only 13 though.
Drummer needed
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singer needed near carbon county for rock/southern rock
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I'm a rhythm guitarist, located in Lackawanna Country, Northeast PA. I'm 14, and I've only been playing for a year. I play mostly traditional, and thrash metal. But I would love to play in a band or help with a project to improve my skills, especially with anyone interested in playing the same music as me.
Vocalist and lead guitarist needed for band.
Genre - Rock/Metal
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Guitarist looking for band
Southwestern Pennsylvania- South of Pittsburgh
Genre- Punk, Metal, Rock in general
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Guitarist living in center city philadelphia looking for band or people to jam with. Classic rock, psychedelic rock, melodic metal, experimental stuff, blues rock, etc. I'm 21 about to finish up college.

Some big influences:

Jimi Hendrix
Cream / Eric Clapton
Red Hot Chili Peppers
BB King
Medeski Martin and Wood
yea I'm a guitarist in the Montgomery county area looking for a singer/guitarist, not looking to start a serious band, just kinda have fun and stuff, pm me.
need a bassist and singer in alleghenny county, pretty much classic rock, and maybe a little bit of modern rock, at least a year of experience, and a decent amount of knowgeledge on your instrument and musical theory(knowing scales and stuff), pretty much anywhere in the north hills should work, but allegheny county specifficaly
any people who live in Fayette County that play drums or bass PM me, or if anyone needs a guitarist from Fayette County, PM me also. im 16, and ive played guitar for 5 years and im mainly a riff kinda guy, thats what catches me. i can solo a bit, though if needed.
I'm a guitarist in Chester County (Coatesville to be exact), looking to start a metal band. I'm 14 and have been playing for about 3 years now. I'd be willing to play rhythm or lead. Some influences are: Megadeth, Judas Priest, Children of Bodom, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Slayer, Buckethead, Joe Satriani, Firewind, Sepultura, Black Sabbath, Dethklok, Dream Theater, Motorhead.

PM if interested.

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I'm going up to Greensburg for college come this fall to study theatre but music is probably my nextmost love. I'm a vocalist and rhythm guitarist(don't play good enough to take lead) and I'm looking for anyone wanting to play in the area.

I also do writing and I would consider my influences to be: The Smashing Pumpkins, The Stone Roses, R.E.M. and Sonic Youth.
20 year old vocalist in huntingdon looking for a metal band in the huntingdon, lewistown, state college, altoona area. Pretty decent scream melodic vocals need some work.
i'm from central pa (Chambersburg) anyone even close?
...because the last thing the world needs is another metal guitarist.


My band.

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Allentown/Lehigh Valley area Vocals? Any one?

Punk, Emo, Screamo?
My band Allanon is looking for an experienced drummer around the Pittsburgh area. We are an established progressive, metal band. Some of our influences include Into Eternity, Opeth, Testament, Death, Kreator, and Wintersun. If you are interested get in touch with me on the forum or through our myspace at .

We are a metal band looking for a singer, and we are located in the suburbs of Phila. Any feedback is much appreciated such as leads to other vocalists, etc.
Here is our myspace to check out our credentials!
I live out by stroudsburg and was wondering if anyone else lived out that way
I live out by stroudsburg and was wondering if anyone else lived out that way
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