Hmm I like the experimention with chords and the rhythm guitar came in nicely giving the song some grunt. I thought the solo was a bit over the top. I think it couldve been used to amplify the experimentation of chords. Instead of just hitting the chord notes hit something odd and make it sound more experimental.

Crit for crit, cheers

As the angel kisses me once again
You scream poison as you glare
Your bow and arrow by your side
As if you cared

It's a mour......astral congregation
let me try giving some crit..

intro.. I kinda liked it. had some pretty moments, but for my taste it was a little to out of place at times.. but then again im not a big fan of "experimental-out-of-tune-stuff", im a sucker for pretty catchy melodies hehe

Solo thing.. sounds cool.. there you had some nice lines (but also a few I would have liked to be different. mostly the "fast" licks heh)..

Overall it was okay .. good job.

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Cheers for the crit!
The intro was beautiful! Wow! Nothing much to say about it except maybe bar 10 sounded a bit odd...
I liked the mini solo, altough it sounded odd too, maybe because it's experimental stuff... but yea anyways it was good.
I didn't like how it finished though -_- was too rude maybe.

Anyways, it was a nice song but you should make it longer, it's a bit short!
7.5/10 (not an experimental-stuff fan) Good job!
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It's the same shape chords! Look at other symphonic stuff and see how they do it.

I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean? Are you talking about the repeated pattern that I use with the piano?