I have an A/E mando that I don't play, and I need $$$. It has a hard case, strap, 2 sets extra strings (martin), a chord book, and a fender mini deluxe amp with battery. the mando is a rogue fm80E, it has decent sound and fairly good electronics. it was lightly used for about 2-3 months then locked up. It has some flaws in the finish and a repaired tuning KNOB(cosmetic repair only). The frets have been confirmed level by me just now, no need for work as in most rogues, and its a good instrument overall.
I paid 150 for it, which is decent but I shouldn't have bought it due to lack of interest. the amp, case, strap etc add considerable value, but I dont need them now. I'd say that 120$ is a good deal for about 300$ worth of stuff. I want it gone, and I want a new guitar.
I live on long island and have no credit card yet, so shipping/payment is limited unless I can get it on ebay.
I say 100$reserve, 125 goal, and 150 shipped, tops. I hope someoone wants a decent starter kit like I did, cause this is a good kit. Any offers or opinions are welcome.
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