I bought it 2 years ago, and got a replacement in june. good condition with 2 silicon skins and screen guards. I won't even wipe it, I have lots of blues, rock and folk on there. the battery is only a few months old as stated, so imo its full capacity 18 hours per charge. the price I'm looking for is 200$ shipped with case. I can'tt really do much for payment since I have no credit acct, but I'm on long island if pickup is possible. I want an ipod touch but can't quite afford, so this will help. its high capacity, long battery, and modern enough to play video. any offers/ suggestions?
I have a 80 GB old Video iPod but iPod Classic was just release with 80 GB for $250, so there no way you'll get $200 with out ripping some one off
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the case is worth 25 and the ship is probably not free. I am taking a hit for both. I figure that the capacity is 3/4 the classic, so the price should be 3/4 roughly. it has the same capabilities as the classic. I want at least 175$ so it's worth most of the touch's price. I wont sell for any less.


same thing as mine, except mine is white and in better condition. no earbuds, but has usb lead and case. hes getting over 170 for it.
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now 225... and it sold. you must be feeling pretty stupid right now lol.
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If you going to call someone stupid, don't triple post in the process; at least use the edit button.

And the battery capacity is 18 hours in your opinion?
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thats about south africa tho...which isnt poor at all.
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the ideal battery capacity was listed at 20, but as long as you use no backlight, low volume, no EQ and keep hold switch on, probably between 16 and 18 hours since it is a newish battery. btw I only triple posted and called him names due to the irony that it took like 15 minutes to take an identical lot on ebay from 170 to 225$, 25 dollars more than my "ripoff" estimate. and if you're going to criticize my price, then at least look on ebay first.

maybe I did take it a little personal, tho.
Holy crap, good deal.

I hate living in the UK and not having any money in the first place .
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LOL ! muther fuker i was gonna say that LOL!