I was talking to a buddy about switching strings and he said I would have to adjust the truss rod or something if I put the 11's on. Any truth to this?
Yep, i think u might have to do a slight adjustment. You would get away with 10's but not for 11's i dont think.
You might have to, but it's not exactly rocket-science.
yeah you'll probably need to adjust it/ get it adjust it and intonation and bridge height should probably also be adjusted.
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Alright thanks guys. Will I have to bring it in or can I do all of this now? Also I'm not sure if they were 9's or 10's that were on their previously. I assumed they were 9's because they felt very thin (then again I am used to 11's). It's a brand new guitar so I don't want to **** anything up already.
If you dont know how to do it, take it to a shop and when the guy does it, watch him so youll learn how to.