Its been a while since I have had a guitar set up and never had it done at guitar center.
Tomorrow is a month from when I recieved my guitar from guitar center and the 30 warranty will run out.

I was told that I can have my guitar set up for free before the month runs up.
First I want to know if it is true.

I also want new strings put on. Elixers and same guage as the gibson brite wires that are on it now. Since the brite wires have set in and stay in tune now,
do they set the intonation with the brite wires on then put on the elixers?
because if they put on the elixers, the strings wont be stretched out to where they will stay in tune durring the intonation fix?

and how much does it cost to have the strings installed if you buy them at GC

thanks for the help
These all seem like questions you can get the answers for by asking people at the store.
well I'm going now
Its 15-20 miles away in traffic so I wanted to make sure I have what I need because I will be down by my GC for the next few hours