Hello there, I'm a long time lurker and I thought I would call upon your collective advice for my next purchase.

I'm in the market for a new guitar. Specifically, I'd like the following features (at the minimum):

- 22+ frets,
- Floyd Rose/FR derived whammy
-Humbucker in bridge position - hot, but not too trebely - should be able to pinch harmonic with ease

I'd -like- the following, but they're not 100% necessary.

-Vine/Tree/Some sort of unique fretboard inlay
-Burst finish available
-Coil tap
-Nice stock pickups, although I will upgrade them if necessary.

I'm looking at a range of $500-800 USED. I've been looking at Dot on Shaft, Ibanez, and Edwards (I love their version of the Soloist, although it's impossible to find outside of eBay). For tonal comparisons, I play a Schecter C-1 Classic...I just need something with a FR for Satriani/Vai style whammy heroics.

And before someone asks, I play through an Orange Tiny Terror. (I've been lurking a while )

Thanks in advance!
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Jem 555 is a horrible guitar.

Ibanez 540S LTD (you'd have to put in your own coiltap)
RG770MDX (again your own coiltap)
Quote by Ibanez20th
Jem 555 is a horrible guitar.

Really? The reviews on Harmony Central are pretty decent...and the price is pretty nice for me...

What's bad about it?