I want to learn to play guitar by myself but I don't know where to start.
A few weeks ago a friend showed me the basics and now im trying to improve my skills.

What are songs I should start to practice to becomme better ?
are you playing acoustic or electric?
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first of all, learn to play the notes rates than the frets. it'll be a lot tougher, but will help you loads and loads when it comes to improvising and learning scales.
If u know basic chords, and want to learn some barre chords, id say u should try some Chili Peppers, like Under the Bridge or Stadium Arcadium or Californication. If u play Metal, try some SOAD riffs (drop C btw), or some Mastodon (little more difficult, Drob Db). Some Queens of the Stone Age songs are easy and fun to play, like Little Sister.

at the momen I use an electric one but I have a normal too.


ehm . . . could you explain me what do you mean with notes and frets ?
Im from germany and not familiar with this expression.
I would say that you should just start learning some White Stripes, Or Mudvayne, easy stuff.
Start with the majors, then take a look at the minors, chords that is. Also have a go at playing some barre chords. I found the best way to learn chords was to learn songs and once I got bored of strumming out chords I started to learn scales and how to turn them into riffs and licks.

You could try some scales; the minor pentatonic is a good place to start, try it in A, i.e. beginning on the 5 fret of the sixth string, as below...


Thats the A shape of the Minor Pentatonic, there are four other position where you can play this scale on the fret board, once you get this down try playing the positions either side of the A shape. You should be able to find them online.

I would recommend that you play what you want. If you hear a good song on the radio that sounds playable, look it up and try it. Have fun, and take it at your own pace. Also get a beginners book so you can learn technical stuff as well.

I'll explain in Deutsch for you.

Ich empfehle das du was du willst spielen. Wenn du ein gute song bei der radio hoeren und es scheint beispielbar, nachlesen es und versuchs doch mal. Dich amusieren, und sein einege Tempo vorlegen. Auch, du sollst ein Anfangers buch kaufen, so du kannst technisch Tabelle lernen. Tut mir leid, mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut, aber Ich habe vier jahre es gelernt. Viel spass!