General discussion on hawkwind I suppose.
I think in search of space is their greatest album. Church of hawkwind maybe second. It's interesting that they have done so much various stuff, but I don't like the punk stuff they made the 80s that much.
What do you think?
Already tried two threads on here, both died.

But yeah, Hawkwind are an awesome band, one of my favourite of all time. David Brock is a brilliant songwriter, really underappreciated - much like the band in general actually - among most rock communities.

'Mirror Of Illusion' and 'Seven By Seven' are my personal favourite songs, as for albums I can't decide. They've all got their high points and their low points really.
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I don't like the punk stuff they made the 80s that much.

Hawkwind did punk?!
I never knew that, I've listened to them for ages!
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"Space Ritual" is a must ... "Chronicles of the Black Sword" is good also.
Way back when 8 track tape decks were the latest thing for cars. I bought "In Search of Space and Time." A great mind-blowing album that still causes a rush to this day. I have it on the computer. Now you made me want to listen to it again.
these guys are friends with Meads of Asphodel, a super ultra anti-Christian black metal band. Kinda weird. Ive heard Hawkwind has done unreal amounts of drugs.
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