i'm having some trouble writing songs, so, how do you normally write your songs? do you just grab a guitar and start jamming until some good riff pops up and then write a song around the riff?? or do you have the song or riff in your head and then you play it on the guitar?? any other methods?
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Well I sometimes come up with something in my head, but most of the time its just trying stuff out, changing the beat on a riff, adding one chord to the riff, etc. Thats how I write my songs. Not the most effective way of writing though but it works very well for me.
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Pretty much what you said there...muck around on the guitar until you find a riff or lick that you like, and then work around that. I usually add words after all other instruments, or at least wait until the pre-liminary guitar part is finished. It's pre-liminary because it tends to change when you start adding words and other instruments
i usually write the rythem first than find a scale that fits and than play with that scale
i usually think about how i want it to sound and just go at it. alot of times i'll mess with it while i'm doing that to see if i can get something i like more out of it.
Think of a rhythm in you head and then go with it
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i usually find a chord progression i like and then mess around with rhythms. sometimes i keep the chords, or i record them, then fashion a riff over the top and drop them. if i want richer harmonies, or easier harmonies i stick with the chords, if i want to rock i keep the riffs