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Basically, I bought an emg 81 a while back and put it into my dean schenker v, which has passive pickups. Luckily for me everything went fine since the pickup works but Ive got two problems with it

a)There is no hum on the pickup untill I touch it, and it then hums and crackles a bit. Does that mean its not grounded properly because I've checked the grounding wires and stuff.

b) Is it alright to have a passive/active combination in the same guitar just by wiring the volume from the emg and the volume from the passive pickup to the switch and then from the switch to the output jack, or do I have to do that with the tone for the emg as well?

I had to replace the volume and tone controls just for the emg, but I really wouldnt be too bothered if the neck pickup didnt have a tone control or if I couldnt combine the active/passive pickups.

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Active and Passives cant go in the same circuit full stop.

You have to have seperate circuits as they require different pots. Also im not sure but i also think you need to have seperate outputs.
Yeah you're right. But i just read if you have a separate volume/tone pots for each pickup and wire them separately so that you can't mix the pickups in the middle then it could work out.
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so what youre saying is Ill have to keep both the passive and active pickup circuits seperate? But then can I just wire them both to a seperate lug each on the switch so they dont like mix at all? ( and then go switch to output)

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You mean like an A/B switch to changes pickups? Yeh that would work but i would suggest getting another active eventually such as the 85. Itll make things easier for you in the end.
Hey thanks, I'll give that a try tonight. Yeah I couldn't afford the both of them at the time and plus my guitar has 3 holes drilled for pots, 2 for volume and 1 for tone so I guess I'd have to wire both EMGs into the one tone pot?

Yes but one of those pickups at the moment cant have a tone pot otherwise the circuit wont work. Leave the bridge pickup without the tone. Also you could drill a hole for a 4th tone pot.
Okay, thanks.

Anyways, I tried the soldering thing today and I soldered the neck pickup into the switch and the EMG at the bridge also into a seperate lug of the switch. Then, the wire coming from each of these I soldered together and then soldered THAT onto the output volume wire which should have been for the EMG. Funny thing is that wherever I switch the switch to its always the EMG? and also it might just be me being paranoid but it sounds thinner than before.