I've recently really got into Buckethead

I need to know some of his good songs before I find someone else

So far I have W.T.B.L Night of the slunk Nottingham Lace Hog Bitch Stomp Jump Man and Jordan (of course)

Listenin to it just helps me to carry on playing guitar as I tell my self that some day I could be as good or nearly as good

wow okay were to start.
giant robot is a great album. binge and grab as one of the best songs from that as well as mrs. beasley. also check out colma for more melodic songs. big sur moon and machete are fantastic songs from that album. also if you are more into his fast shreddy songs, look into crime slunk scene. thats a great album with awesome songs such as soothsayer and king james. also get some of his population override stuff for slow more laid back jazzy stuff
soothsayer, its a kick ass song, and all of bh's work is great, do you have to ask that? its soo obvious, he's like jimi hendrix with a kfc bucket and a mask on, maybe he really IS jimi hendrix, back from the grave, hiding his identity...

never mind me, im not feeling too good today
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i know this wont help, I was really into buckethead about a year ago but I've sort of moved on to john5, his music isnt as futuristic (or w.e you wanna call it) but really nicely heavy. Its interesting that while most solo metal guitarists have a blues background, john5 sounds like hes getting his influence from folk n country. I hate folk n dislike country but john5 is simply ridiculous. You wont find much jazz influence like in bucketheads music but its worth a look.
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shred forum will get you better/ more answers.

there's already a decent sized thread in there about him too
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Honestly, I don't really like his playing. Sure, he can shred, but he doesn't apply his skill musically in my opinion.
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Honestly, I don't really like his playing. Sure, he can shred, but he doesn't apply his skill musically in my opinion.


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