I liked it. nice vocals. good guitar progression. i couldnt hear the bass though.
i like the vocals...they sound cool

I think you need to double all the guitar tracks and pan each doubled track to each side of the mix.

only hearing certain guitars on one side...doubling up would fill it up more.

Vocals are really good though.
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Thanks alot guys.

its a early version of the song, more of a demo.

we are starting on a new version on friday if all goes as planed.

that one will be mixed and recorded better.

i only spent like 45 mins on this mix.
and about all the takes were the 1st or 2ed.

if you need and feedback on anything let me know
it might just be me but the chorus seems rushed,

the vocals also tend to stick out a bit, they dont soud nnatural they sound liek karaoke, just sorta sitting out there and i don't know if you have a vocal effect but the recordings of the vocasl soud poor quality

but anyway it's still a good song, just exen out some of the mixing and it should be sweet!

^^^when we did vocals, i didnt know much about recording them and i was facing a wall, so that gave it a weird sound from the start.

i have so much trouble trying to get the vocals to stand well in the mix.

do you think the mistake of facing a wall did it?