hey. i was really careless a little while ago. i was practising bass guitar through an amp etc, and accidently knocked over a smallish cup of water that was on a shelf. the water spilled mainly on the shelf, but a very small amount fell onto the amp. its a cube 100 bass amp. im very afraid in case any water got into the thin grating at the back of it. is there any way of testing the amp safely? is there any way of any water/moisture going away in time?

some fell on my stereo as well. i tried a few tracks on it, it seems okay. but im not entirely sure.

any help/advice would be much appreciated, please, no stupid comments.

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It will probably have evaporated off by now.
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It might be best to unplug both for at least 24 hours but it really depends on how scared you are of electrical fires mate.
unplug and give it as much time as u think it will take for the **** to evaporate
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uhh your fine you posted this like 3 hours ago... id try again. i spilled water all over my tube amp and its cool.