as it says, how do you do a pinch harmonic, cause I never really cared how to play one, but IDK, I should learn it cause I am a guitarist so yea.
My friend describes it as grazing your thumb on the string as you pick.
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theres a pickngrin lesson this. but a quick summary:
Take ur thumb on ur picking hand and let it stick out a little from the bottom of ur pick. Fret a note, try on the G string first. Pick the note, and it should come off with an odd sound. Try picking over the Neck pickup for a higher squeal.

Use search bar next time. there must be dozens of threads on this.
pick and let the tip of your thumb hit the string slightly enough to leave it with that high pitched squealing sound.
Hold the pick with the side of your thumb at the very tip of the pick, and then make a scooping motion with your picking hand as you hit it. Make sure to add vibrato, it sounds way better.