Originally I bought a Squier Strat brand new for just £60.

It was brown burst.
(seen here on the left)

But the headstock was far to big so it felt like a balancing a brick on the end of the neck. As such I tended to use my Ibanez more so the Strat and Les Paul got put aside.

So I decided to sand down the head to the shape of a true Fender. Whilst doing this I decided a Red Strat would look better....

Well, I knid of got that one wrong, so I needed a respray. I sold the Les Paul and I would have ended up probably selling the strat too, if it were not for seeing Knopflers White strat.

So, off to Ebay for a sparkling cherry red pickguard ... 3 days and £10 it is bought, so I resprayed the body white, had to buy a set of humbucker pick ups because the pick guard had a rear whole for a double instead of a single pick up

12 days later the pickguard arrives having been caught up in postal strikes ... to have the end result!

A White Squier Strat that Squier have never made .... nice eh
nice mods, what pickups you got going in there?
OMG!!! They're playing One!!!!!11fade to black11one11

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I think there LP100's

The advert on Ebay said they Les Paul, but i would say the ones in the LP100