Heres a song i came up with today, it just came to me pretty quickly, i know its nothing special in guitar pro but with vocals and real instruments i think its pretty good, i just need to iron out a few transitions i suppose. anyways here it is.

Influenced mainly by Gojira and Decapitated for this one


Edit: I have marked where vocals will go in the markers, so obviously having these repeats isnt just for filling.

Edit: Ive changed it to 160bpm now for reference and i still need to play around with teh solo a bit but you get the idea
Engulfed In Darkness.zip
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wow dude i really liked this. I don't listen to either of the bands you listed but i got a black dahlia murder vibe from it. The riffs had a nice rhythm to them.

the intro/pre-solo riff was very catchy. the transition to the solo was perfect and the solo flowed really well. Overall the riffs werent too complex but you still created an awesome song nonetheless. I see you had vocal sections i would love to hear a recording of this with vocals. nice work
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Thanks man, Those would be 2 of my favourite bands, i love them, you should check them out. go listen to the album Nihilty by Decapitated and From Mars To Sirius by Gojira that should get you off to a good start with them

anyhoo, im not a fan of BDM but meh lol. glad you liked it. i was just listening to it again there and teh solo seems to be a bit weird at the start a meant to tweak that a bit cos it sounds crappy.

thankss for the crit man,
Nice stuff.

I could really see the Gojira and Decapitated in there. Parts even reminded me of Meshuggah.

It needs bass to thicken/spice it up a bit though.
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It's like Fenriz and J. Read

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If this song was on a cd, I would most definitely listen to it. Damn good.
thanks man, i hope to get it and 2 others recorded next week with vocals so ill probably have them up on here end of next week just need to get the lyrics written but again ive got a rough idea of what ill have.
i loved that. i actually headbanged to that haha. i would love to use it. pm me. I my opinion your are one of the best death metal writers on ug. one of my favs!!!
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what you mean use it? but thanks man, hopefully when recorded with vocals youll like it more

oh crap, i forgot all about that man, sorry nah i just changed a few slightly and changed the drums and solo a bit
Yeahhh seriously dang, very catchy riffs.
I really like this. Would've liked to hear some harmonies.
Maybe thats not good in Death Metal?
Im not educated in the genre.
Nevertheless I like the song, get it recorded.
yeah you can harmonies, usually just octaves tho, but i dont think ill put any in this is it just doesnt suit, but thanks, ill be recording it soon enough, maybe this week

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anyways for anyone whos bored check out this song recorded with vocals at my band profile here. or on myspace, its a bit rough and its my first try and vocals ever so if they suck dont give me grief lol