so, im thinking of building a bass guitar kinda, and im gtting the neck off ebay and i found 2 good 5 string necks...one has frets, the other doesnt...

which would be better?? for a beginner? ive never played a bass before, but i thought itd be cool to start out with one i built ya know?? so yeah...frets? or fretless?

(and the fretless doesnt come with fretmarkers either so id have to do that if i got that...)

but i saw a led neck on ebay, so i was thinknig if i do get the fretless, i could put in those fretmarkers and use those...but i dunno. might cost too much
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Definitely With Frets!
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i wouldn't want to learn the basics on a fretless...but fretless is definitely cooler if you think you're man enough...i tremble at the thought of starting out on one though...
A fretted would be the better choice. Though on a fretless you get more precise(sp) on the finger placements and notes.
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fretless may be slower at first, but you'd progress faster after a while. plus you get pricise quickly, i spent time with a fretless guitar after i'd played for a while and it definitely improved my playing quicker, and with bass theres no real downsides (unfretted guitar can be a lot harder/impossible to do some chords) you can also do some more creative stuff and play with microtones
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