I saw this a couple days ago and i forgot to look at it and i was wondering what everyone put. which foot do you tap with while playing the guitar?
either one

sometimes neither

sometimes both
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i dont

i keep time in my head, ive been told im good at it, but i dont see it as amazing or anything
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Well, I can't tap with my left one:

I hold my guitar like that, and have my left foot on a foot stool, so the right is the only one that would work.
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I keep time in my head, sometimes I do it for effect, in which case, either foot.
I move my feet like Richie Havens.
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I keep time in my head, sometimes I do it for effect, in which case, either foot.

wtf? Effect?
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well, if you tapping your foot (toe side) then it shouldn't move the guitar. If you ever do a more prestigious gig, like playing classical at a concert hall, or a symphony of whatever, you shouldn't ever tap with your heel. It's loud, annoying, and disturbs your playing. Heel tapping on a stage will be really loud, so it's always best to tap with your toe. Or better yet, not tap at all.
Left. Though I generally keep time by nodding my head.
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I usually jump/move around and **** while playing the guitar... I have a good internal rhythm... Don't need to tap my foot for time.. it only confuses my brain more!

Or if i just tap my foot along to some song or while singing, its usually always the right... as i'm right handed... I guess i'm even probably right legged!!
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lol i read that as "which food do you fap with"

same here!!

I read it first as "which foot do u fap with" and i was like WTF?!
then i read it again and it made sense!

UG is having a bad effect on my brain!!!

Btw, Meshuggah rocks!!!
Try tapping your foot to them!!
^same. but my right foot.
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Right because im used to it from french horn. Good luck tapping your right foot while playing horn.....
read job
I don't really tap my feet...

as i dont fap with my feet....

on subject, I tap with what ever foot is free at the moment. even if that's both of them.
i dont really concentrate on keeping time that much. For tapping pedals i use my feet and sometimes my dick.
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I tap with my left because the right bounces the guitar. Idiot.

Word. Pedals also with the lefty
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