Go there and listen please ... I tried my best singing

Here's the lyrics:

Iron plates across the wall
tell of your rise and of your fall
Deeds you've done and head's you've turned
Rivers crossed and bridges burned

All the things you had have come to past
All that left is words upon the grass

I am the Infantry.
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I enjoyed it

needs moar lyrics.
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You've got a pretty good voice for folk man!

The harmonica sounds good too!

The guitar solo is very well written and played, except I don't really like the weird minor-ish feel the end of the guitar solo gives.

Production wise, there's a considerable amount of ambient hum on the recording.

But don't let those things cloud the fact that I definitely enjoyed the song, good job dude!

Crit mine please?

this sounds fantastic. Your voice suits the style very well. Loved the harmonica.

Thanks for the crit.
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