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Sometimes I'll use my moms/bros/sisters/dads when I feel the need, but not regularly
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I used to, but the most useful thing for my skin was a healthier diet, more water, and more excercise. Worked a lot better than any products, seriously.

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best product=cloth and less chocolate and pop/soda/watever you call it from whever you live
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just wash it and dont eat crap
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i use a wash in the shower

and antiobiotics for acne, and tazorac on my face at night.
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just don't eat junk food all the time and don't drink soda. not drinking soda made all the difference in the world for me. i never drink sodas anymore and if i even have just one soda, i notice a difference.
I use Neutrogena in the shower. For some reason, Clearasil burns a little. Then I just put some Men's Nivea Balance lotion on. It keeps my face soft but not overly oily.
I have a healthy lifestyle and wash my face regularly but still have acne. i also use this stuff that has tretinoin gel in it which is supposed to clear acne.
i dont do it regularly only when i get like a random breakout, but ive used like 3 different products and none of them rly work=/ and they all rly dry out my face, maybe thats just me though
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I used to but after going through like 5 or 6 different kinds I realized it had alot more to do with the food I was eating and not drinking enough water. My skins in pretty good condition now, and I don't use any products other than water and a washcloth in the morning and at night.
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I have some prescription **** and i use a normal face wash twice a day.
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Just the Wal-Mart brand face wash.

If I don't use it regularly, I'll break out. And I HATE having acne.

I'm just glad, as I'm getting older, it's slowly going away.
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soap & water is too drying.

i use face wash twice daily to keep it under control... neutrogena oil-free acne wash.
stridex for sensitive skin, otheriwise it burns, i use it everynight....it is easy cause it is just a pad
Soap never works on my face.

Once I went for a period of two or three days in which I got over six hours of sleep each night. It had miraculous results. I was like, "holy shit, it's THAT easy?!".

Of course, I wasn't able to maintain such a sleep routine for very long, but I get by w/ luck and some products.
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My face cleaning product is called soap. Try it.
Soap usually does more harm than good for sensitive skin.
I used to have really good skin, but I used some facial scrub for a while to sort out some blackheads and since then I've had zits. Not too bad, but enough to piss me off. It was probably a coincidence, but I don't trust facial scrubs anymore. Water and soap does the job for me.
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I have these face wipe thingys that have cleanser and toner and a whole other load of rubbish in them for taking my makeup off, then I use a cleanser facewash thing in the morning, or at night if I've not worn makeup.

I'm quite the product whore, I've used loads of brands over the years, garnier pure a ones made my face melt and the best one out of all the poncy brands was tesco's cheap own-brand facewash. Funny that...
I use an exfoliating cream stuff two or three times a week, and an anti-oil moisturiser, not that my skin is particularly greasy, it just cuts down on this shine on my nose and brow. But like others have said, lots of water is necessary. A bit of extra help is good, mostly because (if your an old enough man) you're dragging a razor across your visage every day, which isn't good for the skin. If nothing else, you'll age better. Craggy old men are not attractive.
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I use some Neutrogena blackhead scrub thing, seems to keep things under control.
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