I'm looking for a budget practice amp and I am leaning towards the AD15VT. I've played a AD50VT and I liked it, but I was wondering if there are any better amps for under $200? I've noticed that there are some decent 5W valve amps out there, but they don't have anywhere near the settings of the Valvetronix. What do you guys think.
i think its actually one of the best in that wattage and price range. was playing it next to a blues jr in a store and thought the BJ sounded worse actually.
try out a palomino v8 they are amazing i loved theone i played. i think im going to buy it for a practice amp

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The Palomino will be just as loud and have a much better basic sound. I know everyone wants effects, but if you can wait you can have a great little amp and get some pedals later. If you get a modelor now you may not want it a year from now, get a tube amp (like the Palomino) and you will want to keep it for practice even if you upgrade later.
^ actually, the "vintage" models are the ones i found i liked best. for a hybrid amp with a digital preamp they were surprisingly warm, natural sounding, and responsive. the tweed channel and plexi were great. the effects really arent even the high point of that amp, just icing if anything. i find that it really sounds better than the tube amps of the same price wattage ratio. to my ear it only started to get improved in the 1,000 dollar range and a few small vintage amps i tried. and even then it fared well.
I looked at the Palomino. The thing is, I don't have any money to spend on pedals or have any already. The only reason I'd get this is for Christmas present from my mom. I wouldn't get any pedals until I upgraded to a bigger all-tube amp in a year or two.
Well its cool in the beginning to have some effects. But later on you'll prolly realize that you don't want any of the effects. I only have two pedals with my palomino and get a huge variety of sounds. But if you are gonna get a big tube amp in the future with pedals maybe it would be cool for right now to be able to mess around with all the stuff on the vox.
Well if this going to be a practice amp I'd be leaning toward the Vox too. The VJ is a great amp no doubt, after I modded mine there aren't too many amps I'd take over it now, I'd take it over a lot of amps stock too. But for a reasonable amount of od you'll need to crank it though, which in a lot of cases may be too loud for your situation unless you stick a pedal in front of her.

If want some effects and amp models then the Vox is the way to go. Even when you do decide to upgrade to bigger/better or whatever amp, the Vox will always be nice to have laying around for practice
I'm in college, so its 3 more years of apartments/dorms for me. How does the Cube stack up to the Vox at the same price range? From what I've heard, the Vox is more versatile than the cube, but I'd like to hear some opinions.
a lot of people are going squeal at you that the cube is better for metal. they never found their way over to the nu metal model. an overdrive works pretty well pushing the gain channels too.