OK, so I'm learning Crushing Day by Joe Satriani, atleast the beggining, casue the solo is uber hard for me. So, I'm hitting an artificial harmonic on the 14th fret, and it only works every once in a while. Where on the string should I hit it, and tell m hints or w/e so it hits everytime. Thanks
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but not completely lift off, just slightly for an artificial.
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Do you need to get an artificial harmonic or a pinched one. If it's an artificial one, the easiest are 12 frets further than the fretted note (so if you fret the 2nd fret, it's at 14) to get quickly tap/touch the string over the fret (so above the metal) at the 14th fret. To make it ring out better use some vibrato and lift your right finger up quickly after touching the string.

It may be a good exercise to use your right hand to tap natural harmonics (for instance at the 12th or 5th fret) on the open strings. That way you'll get used to the technique.
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