lookin for some decent, nice, slow, almost relaxing sounding blues songs to mess around with if you have any ideas.

I"m actually trying "Hard Time Killing Floor Blues" by James Skip, but its tough for my newbie hands lol either way I will learn it. Just want to learn something to play around with while I'm not practicing chords .
There is an excellent version of that on another website.


I like it a bit, but I never play it cause that tuning is an odd ball one. If you are just looking for some relaxing kind of "chill" music I would check out Jack Johnson and Ben Harper...

In order for it to be blues, it really can't be happy or relaxing or anything...cause if you're happy or relaxed or not oppressed, you're not singing the blues.

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^^ well actually I'm trying the chris thomas king version from O brother where art though. No tuning required . And that song sounds relaxing to me lol
Muddy Water Blues - Paul Rodgers

Clapton did a couple of nice ones on Unplugged too. Malted Milk, Alberta...

Seamus is a classic, I love that song
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