I am thinking of buying an epiphone les paul custom and was just wondering weather there is any difference in sound between the custom and the standard, the guy in the shop said the differences were just aesthetic but i could have sworn i heard a difference in the tone when i tried out both guitars though the same amp.
Was it just my imagination or is there actually any difference between the guitars that changes the sound?

Also i can't decide on which finish to get. It’s between the white and flametop custom and the standard Cherry Sunburst. I was looking for something that looks like the les paul's slash and jimmy page use.
There may be and probably are unforeseen differences in the two guitars. Even with two identical guitars one can be a dud and the other can be great, especially when you get in that price range. Its good that you can hear and feel the differences, that's how you pick a good guitar. You seem to have a good ear. Cheers.
The difference is probably in the pups themselves, not the guitar. As far as I know, Jimmy played the Cherry Sunburst, as well as Slash. The Flametop Custom kind of looks the same as the Sunburst, only with less black around the edges and more red.
I think there would be. $200 does not equal gold hardare, fancy inlays, and lots of binding. i would say at least the wood would be better, and that does make tonal differences.