Hello. I made a thread about this earlier, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me of any bands that play fast-paced, hard rock songs on acoustic. I know of course Tenacious D could be categorized in this way, but I more meant something like the intro to 'Welcome Home' by Coheed and Cambria. I like their acoustic stuff, but I'm looking for something even heavier played on acoustic. I can't even think of an example because I've never really heard a band like it. I just love playing that kind of stuff on acoustic. I like Don Ross, but I want something like Between the Buried and Me on acoustic... I know it's weird but if you could help me think of some bands like this it would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: something like Killswitch Engage except acoustic might be nice...
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Hm...John Butler distorts his acoustic and uses a wah?

I dont think its exactly what you're looking for but check out John Butler Trio.
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Some of Porcupine Tree's acoustic stuff is pretty cool. They're more progressive than actually metal, but they're still one of the better bands around right now.
Yeah I've heard John Butler. I like his stuff. And I'm not looking for only heavy music!!! Maybe you should read the post before saying that. I said fast-paced acoustic rock! Anyways... I like Chiodos's acoustic songs and I also like Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution (An Acoustic Ska Band). Thank your for your help. I'm going to check out Porcupine Tree now. Keep the suggestions coming please! Also don't post to say things like I don't understand why you all want heavy music. If you are just being narrow minded and selfish then don't take up the space in the thread. Thanks.
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Goo goo dolls are a good place to start, but their not really fast or anything.

Their acoustic stuff isn't that fast, but if you delve further into their catalogue, some of their stuff is pretty heavy.
Stone Sour have a song called 'Through Glass', and that's predominantly Acoustic/Rock. I havent heard anything else by them, but maybe they're worth checking out...
Audioslave have some Acoustic/ rocky stuff.
Off the first album, "Like a Stone" is awesome, especially the live version. Chris cornell played acoustic alone on the first verse and chorus, then the rest of the band join him for the next verse. Ace.
Also, "Doesn't remind me" off their second album is great too. Its sounds quite country &Western in the verse (And easy too-about 2 or 3 chords) Then the chorus is nice and rocky.
Check it out.