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Hmk so I pulled this in about an hour or so and thought it was pretty good.

The song is not finished, but I still made it fade out because I thought it sounded cooler that way than just a rude finish. I still need to add lots of riffs to it but this is what came out after an hour of work.

Keep it or scrap it? And also C4C as always xD

EDIT: V1.1 Up!
EDIT: V1.2 Up!
EDIT: V1.3 Up!
EDIT: V1.4 Up! Full song!
Burning Shadows
Burning Shadows
Burning Shadows
Burning Shadows
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That sounded cool, I thought it was too short though. You got into this great riff but then just faded out. If it kept going, kept building up I think it would be much better. Also, I wouldnt say prog, but closer to power metal.

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Thanks for the crit and like I said, it's not finished yet so I made it fade out for fun + it sounded a bit better than just a rude end.

I'll crit yours when I come back from school
Finish it! xD! It's got a very nice build up, and is just begging for a huge crash of instruments into the next part. My advice would be to add some less commonly used instruments for harmony - harp, flute, viola, whatever - it will give a very, very nice sound to it, imo, unless you are looking for a more power metal kind of thing - then just crank the distortion up when recording! But yeah, my only advice at the moment would be that, and to finish the song, I look forward to hearing it!

Thanks for the crit I don't think I'll put other instruments in it though, or maybe I'll change my mind, thanks for the idea!

Yea I'll finish it soon I hope Working on it right now!
its nice man good job, the intro riff is missing something for me but i really liked riff two and the leads are nice
Dude, holy s**t. That rocked so hard, I needed to change my underpants. The synth was actually done so well, The harmonies are flawless... You must listen to Tool, because this .. if it sounds like anything sounds like them. It's so awesome...

The slow part... tempo change after that was so awesome, where it got fast, and i'm usually not a fan of double bass, but you pulled it off so well at part C.

Very very good, finish it, 10/10

4/4 is just so boring. <_<





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So awesome.

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dude, listen to tool! you have to, you'd love em!

Listen to: Vicarious, Rosetta Stoned, Schism and Aenema just to start off.

So good... and similar to your style, more wierd time signatures and a bit more progressive though.
4/4 is just so boring. <_<
That was pretty sweet
Riff A has a nice buildup to Riff B
Riff B wasn't all that great, but when the harmony comes it, it's ****in awesome
The synth/guitar solo was awesome...not much else to say hah...although it could have some faster bits (not just at the end) but I'm assuming you wrote it like that for a reason
Riff C is nice and heavy and the harmony again makes it better
Good song man, finish it though
Thanks hehe and Jimmy, Ill be critting yours when I'll get back from school tomorrow and I might listen to the songs you told me to thanks^^

Sidewinder, thanks for the crit And for the solo, I could have faster bits but I need to clean up my playing at 180BPM with 16th. If you check my sig, I'm only at 150BPM (Which I can play quite clean) and I'm trying to improve, that's why I only put 1 fast part at the end because it sounded nice. And yea, Riff B beginning was nothing but a buildup to the harmonies ^^ I'm all about harmonies rofl...

I'm adding an acoustic break after the Riff C harmonies and I might close the song getting back to Riff A or C and throw a solo in there

Thanks for the crit everyone!
I don't know it's too epic for me. waaaay too epic. too much, emphasis and fatness. the change in tempo part got better but after that it got too epic again. I don't know what your tryin to do, but i think you should scrap it. Maybe try to make it more heavy to balance the epicness, if you want to save it.
Hmmk I understand you prefer heavy stuff, but I'm not really into that kind of stuff.
I won't scrap it, it's maybe too epic for you, but it was what I was looking for, epicness. Thanks anyway for your opinion.
First riff is really generic, but it gets the job done. I like the time sig change at the end of the fourth measure.

The progression on riff B is nice. The lead is great too.

The synth + guitar solo would be sick if you put in more sixteenth notes. I have something similar to this in one of my songs.

Riff C is defenitely the best so far.

Damn you really like that scale a lot don't you? I don't know what to call it, but it's the one used in Hangar 18 after the first solo. Maybe you could use it less, or try a different scale.

Acoustic bit comes in a bit too suddenly, but it's good.

Oooh, great harmony.

103-106 was the ****. So was the riff after.

Where's the guitar solo, man?

Finish it!
I'm a person.
Thanks much ^^
About the scale, I know I use it too much lol... I almost use it in all my songs but its just so cool ^^ Next song Ill try another one^^

Oh yeah about the solo, Id put more 16th, but as I said, I'm not really able to play 16th at 180BPM I need to work on that.

Haha yeah, I love that little transition from bar 103-106 ^^

Yep, still need to work on the solo and I'll surely finish it!

Thanks a bunch!
You, sir, have yourself a song here. A song indeed.

Like PinkIScool said, that intro riff is really generic, but it's cool. It still works and fits for the song. But, if you were to happen to come up with one that is more....babymaking....I wouldn't complain.

Nice touch with the synth. I like the little trade-off bit.

Interesting change at Riff C too. I like it. Very hype. Very good use of the synth too. Also hype.

Man...that acoustic break was hot. That was probably my favorite part. Especially when the strings and the other guitar came in. Hot. But just a little tid-bit of a hint: You don't have to tie all the notes if you set the guitar to let ring. That makes it a lot less annoying when you're writing the parts. But just because you didn't do that doesn't make it sound any less awesome.

Very nice man. I like it. Like it a lot. But dude....guitar solo? You gotta get on that action. Very good though overall. Just get on that guitar solo!
that was pretty good i must say, the solo was pretty cool

especially the guita/synth solo, liked that

loved the whole epic feel of it id say about a 8 or 9 outta 10

oh and thanks for the crit on mine to man, appreciate it
I dont think that 3/4 bar in the intro fits in right. Love how the synth and guitars change solos. Riff C is a great riff and its good how you add stuff over the top of it to keep it livley. The Acoustic break is very good i like the harmonies throughout the song aswell keepsif from sounding repetative. I would give it about an 8/10 good work =]

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Pretty interesting. I'm not a big fan of Riff B. I did like the Call & Response in the solo though. Oh and try altering the Acoustic Break a little, the same riff for 20 measures gets boring fast :-p

Overall it was pretty sick. Keep up the good work, man. Peace.
It was a bit generic... I also didnt get the Epic vibe you were going for. It kept interesting though.

A few things:
Those huge vibrato's in the first part of the song were REALLY annoying. As a normal vibrato, it would be fine.

And, the drums need to be more driving, powerful, fast, etc. In the first part of the song, they were way too slow. Especially with the 16th rhythm. The cymbals needed to be more active, and keep the bass drum/bass with the rhythm.
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Riff C was my fav, liked the way Riff B built up suspense.

The guitar solo was short, the way you used the synth with the first solo was nice.

Beginning was a bit weak, but thats probably just my preference

Like Buring angel said, tremolos were a bit annoying and out of place.

Acoustic break was a bit long, but overall---awesome.
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