Alright, here's the deal. I might have to end up going to my school's homecoming dance this year. I'm a senior but I've never been to a High School dance. I'm just wondering what the whole thing's like? I know of people taking pictures and going out to dinner before the dance and everything, but I don't know, I've never experienced it. Am I gonna have to grind and put up with blaring rap music? It's just that my girl wants to go and I know if I don't go, well, I won't have the girl anymore. I really don't want to though. I'm not really a 'partier' perse'
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You will have a terrible time. Loud/horrible music, whatever is top 20 on the billboard charts. Hot and packed too. Have fun.
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You will have a terrible time. Loud/horrible music, whatever is top 20 on the billboard charts. Hot and packed too. Have fun.


School dances = horible
just spend a couple hours acting "gangsta".

it helps to be able to breakdance.
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ha, homecoming, just wait, if she can put up with you till prom, then well see what kind of person you are. but i never went to a single school dance, ever, until senior prom, be prepared for the worst, but it could have been worse at least
if you go into it expecting it to suck, yes, you'll be miserable

there will be rap music blaring all night but you'll get over it after about 5 songs (i did and i'm a metalhead)

just go, maybe have a few drinks before to get yourself loosened up a bit (don't get drunk to the point where it's obvious though) dance with your lady friend and try and get some sexorz afterwards...i've always enjoyed homecoming dance and those types of things (clubs and dancing and all that) really aren't my "style"
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It helps if you can enlist some friends to go because you will have to put of with blaring rap/hip hop for about 2-3 hours and if you have some mates to act stupid with it makes it a much more enjoyable experience, though they do play a slow song every now and then and those aren't so bad and since you got a girl you got a dance partner for those.
Same thing with me. Well, I can't dance black. I can't dance period, so I don't really like dances. Never been to one actually, but if its anything like the parties my friends have, it ain't for me. Nothing but strange, foreign music playing and strangers offering you candy.

Here's some advice: Don't take the candy, you'll wake up 5 hours later with your butt hurting.
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I've only been to one good dance. Freshman mixer, got assigned to dance with this girl, but her best friend got my girl's boyfriend, so we switched... And this new girl was... a goddess, and she actually could carry a conversation... Now I'm with her
i'm a sophomore in highschool, and I've been to pretty much every dance our school's had since freshman year, and our middle school ones. Pretty much you show up, everyone just sorta stands around talking for about half hour, but then eventually they start dancing. and you really gotta just say "f*ck it" to yourself, and you'll start dancing and having fun. Every one i've been too started out like shiiite, but I always ended up having a blast. Plus with homecoming you have your girl there and usually a kickass party to go to afterwards.
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Like it's been said, if you have a good attitude about it, you'll probably have a good time. There is blaring music, and lots of people smooshed together in a small area. Sounds like a metal concert!
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Yeah it kind of sucks, my girlfriend is awesome though, she doesn't really want to dance, doesn't like the music, and I have no idea why we go. But we both have a fun time, and they usually see it as cute so you get ****ed later.

Then you should just skip it and go somewhere quiet with your girl. Alone time? Hell yeah.
Have a couple of beers. Get loosened up.

Grind up on your girl, have fun, and then get laid.

That's how high school dances go my friend.

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ugh, school dances are always so ****ty. fortunately, i only had to go to one, although that happened to be my senior prom. oh it sucked. not only was the music bad, the food was bad, the venue sucked, and my now ex-g/f was depressed the whole ****ing night, technically.......that morning (continuation of the night) was a lot better. trust me.
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i'm probably not going to mine. i'll most likely be hangin out with my friend getting messed up on something...probably would be more fun.