just bought a dean dixie rebel!!!, wondering if i can put a evh t-duna or a similar device 2 go from standard to drop tuning
do they work?i mean like work well? i'd put one on my rr24 if they do
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I got a Tremol-no and put it in my Ibanez. It worked great and I was totally happy with it. You can get it from allparts.com. There is a video on youtube if you search for Tremol-no, shows how it works, etc.
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just bought a dean dixie rebel!!!, wondering if i can put a evh t-duna or a similar device 2 go from standard to drop tuning

i dont think that would work on one of those. sorry
it's got to be a bridge like this
otherwise it will just hit the inside of the bridge. You could mess around with it and get it to work somewhat but i dont think that it'll work very well. the other strings will drop out of tune when u switch from D to E.

same for u wyldeshredder. i tried that with one of my guitars with a bridge like those and it didn't work. i ended up just taking it off.
I've got a D-Tuna on my Ibanez RG350EX but it required me to put a whole new Floyd Rose onto it, the Edge III wouldn't take it because its a modified floyd rose.
If you take a picture of your tremolo or link me to a picture of it, ill be able to tell you if it will go on.
for a d-tuna to work, the trem needs to be an original style one (i.e. not low profile) and also non-floating. If your trem is either of both of these, in my opinion you'd be better advised to just get a tremol-no, as koikomoru suggested.
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