I've been playing for about a year (I think have the basics down) and I want to start composing my own basslines. I know that music is based on theory and mathematics so I want to start reading and learning about theory to allow me to write good material.

So far I know about:
- Names of the notes
- Octaves,
- Major scale, minor scales, a little about the blues scale
- I know a bit about what the root note is, the 3rd, the fifth

I listen to reggae and ska like sublime, illScarlett, Mad Caddies, Slightly Stoopid...etc.
This is the kind of music I want to write basslines for. Can anyone lead me in the right direction of articles, websites, books, free online lessons etc.... to allow me to write good reggae basslines... thanks
You have the basics to writing those lines down. All you need to do now is learn about basic chords and then just practise writing basslines. You have the tools and instructions now you need to practise building the bird house.