So I'm starting to play the upright double bass in my schools orchestra and I was wondering if playing this instrument would benefit my electric bass playing. ( I also play guitar, piano) One thing I like is the bow that can be used. But during orchesta we just play with the bow and our fingers have to be a certain way. ( having all 4 fingers on the string to play one note) Maybe he thinks I don't have the finger strength to do it but I certainly do. With using one or 2 fingers I sound exactly the same as with all 4 and I play smoother and faster. But my grade depends on the harder ( useless) technique.

So theres a little rant
anyone else play this kind of bass, and is it useful.
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ya i play upright and i have for 5 years, it deffinately will benefit finger technique and your complaint about the 2 fingers as opposed to 4 is because of technique and speedbuilding, once you advance a bit more youll understand y especially once you get into like 5th and 6th position
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It definitely helps in bass playing theory. In function, I don't know. It's alot harder to fret with an upright bass so in that respect you're making your electric bass playing seem a bit easier. But considering that using the bow on an upright and playing with your fingers is extremely different....I don't think it will really help that much technically speaking.

But upright bass is a neat isntrument, so don't get discouraged.
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I play pright in the school orchestra\band. Albeit with bad intonation. It did help my knowledge of theory though. My theory knowledge isn't particularly advanced but it's a start.
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