Okay so I have a show soon, and I'm getting bored of the solos I've been playing. I've just mastered how to play a mode so i think that i should use that than just lame pentatonic. Here is a link to download the full song.

Into The Evergreens- Killing The Catalyst

P.S. Please tell me what you think of the song!

Please help me tonight!

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Learn some new licks, somthing really shreddy to give it a really cool impressive sound, then put some emotion into it, maybe do some sweeping, then hit some chord tones, and wammo theres your solo.
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its not so much a scale that produces a different sound its the notes within the scale that make the scale sound like a scale or ionian dorian phrygian lydian mixolydian aeolian locrain... but the way the notes are played and in what formation and time and various other things... You should learn what sounds right and produce a ton of new riffs if you know the scale and your not satisfied try something new bend sweep whammy slide hammer pull off whatever... there are a infinite number of different ways you could write a solo through a scale...
well you want to be careful with modes they can do amazing things if used right. if you are still just wanting to do improv soloing but ur tired of pentatonic patterns, try using some diatonic patterns also.