Can anyone hook me up or tab out this song in powertabs? I need to learn this song soon, i have a gig coming up and we decided to learn this song. First gig in about 5 months so i really need to start working on this song.. It has a few crazy pedal to the metal SRV riffs and i need some help working them out. I can't figure out the song by myself past the :35 mark. I suck.

So please. Help me out UG!
god SRV is so sick. I hve never heard of this song but I'm going to listen to it once i get out of this class.
Haha, it's one of my favorite songs. I just can't tab his music out to save my life.. When it comes down to it i can improvise a little but i like to know the song if my improv is **** for the night.