This is a song I wrote for my GF. It's absolutely different from my style but i tried to right a song i thought she would love. I dont sing much, but I try here. =P pls let me know what u think!!! c4c


it's the first song!

If u want i'll get back about the lyrics....
its ok, but i think the beginning sounds out of sync or something with the guitars? im not sure. maybe im just retarted, just trying to help you out. off to a good start though

This SO reminds me of myself when I first began as a songwriter!

Oh man, this brings back memories dude!

I think that the low voice harmony sounds weird though, I would take that out.

And I would go for a different strumming pattern for the chorus, possibly palm muted 8ths of the same chords? Or maybe not palm muted, but try it with 8ths, it will make it more different from the the rest of the song and it will stand out a lot more.

The lead is really good in this song too!

Good job man, the only thing that I will say is that I VERY strongly feel that you should take out the low voice harmony.

I bet she'll love it.

Crit mine please?

Dood, don't take it the wrong way, I wasn't dissing you!

I was very touched by the realness of the song, something that I always try to show myself. I could tell just by listening that you really like her, low voice harmony or not, the emotion was there dude!
leads were good. there were some timing issues. vocals sound rather blink 182. they were really good. nice job.
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